Timber Constructions Show, Salon dřevostaveb, is a unique exhibition started up in order to present and promote a high quality contemporary Czech and Slovak architecture in the area of timber constructions. Its conception goes beyond a traditional exhibition or conference and aims at being open and attractive presentation of modern architecture introducing to its visitors the best of the Czech timber construction architecture.

The core of the Show is an exhibition where the best timber constructions built during the previous year in the Czech and Slovak Republic are presented. The quality of the architecture is the main criteria for the Show participation. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that majority of the projects at the Show are unique architectural works of outstanding Czech and Slovak architects in the field of timber construction, whether timber construction is their main specialisation or one of their architectural alternatives. Other aspects of the projects selection for the Show are up-to-date implementation of the projects (mostly previous year), substantial use of timber, emphasis on environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

The goal of the Timber Constructions Show is to allow the visitors to see that not only the traditional log houses and the historical timber frame buildings but also the high quality modern architecture is part of the timber construction.


A wide-banner exposition is dedicated to each project implementation.The exposition is available to see not only at the Show itself, but also throughout the year in other Czech and Slovak galleries and fair trades.

Timber  Construction Yearbook, Ročenka dřevostaveb, together with the exhibition forms two main pillars of the Show. The Yearbook summarises the exhibition thus becomes a comprehensive timber constructions guide to projects implemented in the previous year. It is available together with other specialised publications directly at the Show bookshop or it can be ordered at any time here.

 rocenka dvoustrana

The specialised lectures on timber construction related issues form the third pillar of the Show. The Czech experts’ lectures were complemented by renowned international lecturers who brought in an international scale and overview. During last eight years, we were pleased to welcome e.g. Reinhard Kropf (Norway), Helmut Dietrich (Austria), Andrea Deplazes (Switzerland), Einar Jarmund (Norway), Antti-Matti Siikala (Finland) and Guy Jamaigne (Belgium).
Their lectures were well accepted by the audience and the lecturers themselves very much enjoyed their participation at the Timber Constructions Show. The actual meeting of experts from different parts of was as beneficial as the presentations for the visitors. The Czech and international architects had an opportunity to meet not only at the Timber Constructions Show but also at the informal evening banquet right in centre of Prague. More then positive response has reassured our intention to invite international guests also in the following years.

(Photos from Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter, one of the 2011’s lecture participants.)

The last four Timber Constructions Shows were centred in Timber Constructions Fair organised at the end of February. The event took place Holešovice Exhibition Centre and was always visited by a number of enthusiasts as well as professionals. Originally only a few days long, Timber Constructions Show has gradually become more or less a year-long event.

We aim to present timber constructions along with other technologies and approaches as an attractive alternative to the modern lifestyle.